Can you study abroad for free?

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

Co-Founder @ Ace My Prep & Study Abroad Expert


Studying abroad is an experience that can’t be measured in money, but many students are put off by the investment required. Luckily, there are multiple opportunities to study abroad for free or for nothing at all. Some of the ways to make the study abroad experience cheap or free – 

Grants and scholarships

If the plan is to study abroad, grants and scholarships are going to be the most sought after situations. Charities and foundations, universities and government organisations are of great help to thousands of international students each year with tuition fees and living costs. With the financial support available, it is worth digging around to see what funding pots are available and what we are eligible for. Searching through the websites of the universities that one finds interesting is a great starting point or a mail to the admissions team if one can’t find what they are looking for.

Part time jobs

Countries allow the international students to do part time jobs along with their studies. Although it is very unlikely that the job will cover all the expenses, it can help to minimise the cost of studying abroad. The international work experience and the technical and professional skill one gathers looks great on the resume.


If one is passionate about studying abroad, there are many people who are willing to support the aspirants. Throwing events to raise funds, selling old possessions, and using online crowdfunding pages that are for online crowdfunding are just some ways to turn your dreams into a reality.

Study abroad online

Almost every university abroad has started delivering online programs, one can secure a top international degree from home. Even though one doesn’t move to a different country, the networking of people from different backgrounds improves language skills and learns about new cultures.


In addition, MS (Graduate) and Ph.D. scholars are also awarded financial support through assistantships. There are different types of assistantships for both Ph.D., and MS scholars: Graduate Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant

Public German University

German universities are not just about the quantity of students they have but also the quality of students. They have a never ending backstory of teaching excellence, scientific research, and international recognition. The German government is trying to ensure that the universities remain competitive in the global market by providing them with funds for research, scholarships, and grants.

Study in Nordic countries

The options of accessible or very affordable education are available in these countries for international students – Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Czech Republic, Norway, Iceland, Brazil, Luxembourg, Mexico, and a few more countries. 

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