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Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

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Sample Test

In order to familiarize yourself with the pattern of the test, you must go for a sample test. Although the sample test is eight minutes shorter in terms of duration and the scoring range is unofficial. 

But, the purpose of taking a sample test is to experience the types of questions and the pattern of the exam. And the best part is, free sample tests are available on the web which allows going for multiple attempts.

Know the rules clearly

Duolingo follows a meticulous process and has set various rules and regulations for the candidates. The complete test will get recorded and reviewed by the proctors. They also make sure that there’s an absence of background noise and any second person in your room at the time of the test. 

Candidates are not allowed to wear earphones, interact with anyone, and use any device while giving the exam.

Note: Make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations laid down for the test, otherwise you’ll have to go for a retake.

A suitable environment for giving the test

As you will give the exam online from your home, make sure you have all the equipment required to take the test, so you can take the exam hassle-free.

You need:

  • Your passport, driver’s license, or government ID
  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • 1 hour of free time
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer

Your computer should also have

  • A supported browser (Chrome, Opera)
  • A front-facing camera
  • A microphone
  • Speakers
When you share the final result of the DET with the university, both video interviews and adaptive tests are included in it. In this exam, you’ll have a choice in two question types of each video interview and the writing sample. Then you’ll have to speak for around three minutes and write your response for up to five minutes. 
Besides, a timer will be there that you can track throughout the exam. 

Preparation Tips before the test
  • Practice – You’ll have access to the practice test once you’ve signed up, and you’ll be able to take it as many times as you like. You’ll get a different set of questions each time you take the test, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice. It is highly advised that you practice with this practice test. It is the most effective way to familiarise yourself with the exam’s format, including question kinds, time limits for each question, and transitions between skill categories (for example, a listening assignment may be followed by a reading job), among other things.

  • Improve your vocabulary and grammar – Vocabulary and grammatical skills are the foundations of effective communication in every language. Knowing a broad vocabulary of words, their meanings, and how to use them is what vocabulary is all about. The right use of numerous functional components of language, such as punctuation, sentence structure rules, tense formulation, and so on, is referred to as grammar abilities.
    READING is the most effective approach for you to accomplish so. We recommend choosing newspapers that are well-known for their high quality and diverse content, such as Time, The New Yorker, and National Geographic.

  • Comprehending Inference and Implication – These are different sets of talents that are crucial to your understanding abilities. The inference has the meaning that you, the reader, can derive from what the speaker is saying, even if it isn’t stated explicitly. The term “implication” refers to the message that the speaker conveys without really expressing it. 

Make a list of some of the suggested themes for speaking and writing. Practice with them outside of test conditions — for example, you can record yourself on your own device for the speaking test, and you can write in your own word book for the writing test. Wherever possible, try to stick to the time and word limits. Submit your work for review to someone you can trust, preferably a teacher or a trainer. Inquire about the quality of your language use, as well as places where you need to improve. Accordingly, as you work on those areas, again and again, you will see a considerable improvement in your skill and understanding.

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