How to select the right study abroad consultant

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

Co-Founder @ Ace My Prep & Study Abroad Expert


A Study abroad consultant is expected to educate, assist, and fully help you in any required way. And it continues even when you get your visa or university admission. There are a lot more nuances to it than that. It’s about making confident and sound decisions backed by solid action plans. So, take your time with your choices. Choose an admissions consultant who isn’t afraid to tell you when you make wrong decisions. Here are steps showing you exactly how to do that – 

  • If a person has already made up their mind about a nation, it is preferable to seek the advice of experts who specialize in foreign education in that country. All countries beyond a person’s place of citizenship are included in terms like “abroad” and “overseas.” While most students’ preferred foreign education destinations are the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany, there are abroad education consultants who cater to people seeking education in specific countries.

  • Counseling or advice about a course or a college are examples of selection-related services. Some companies specialize in helping people choose courses and colleges. Domestic career counselors with prior expertise in study abroad counseling may occasionally work as overseas education consultants. English language classes for IELTS or TOEFL are part of the preparation programs. They also provide preparation for admissions tests like the SAT, GMAT, and GRE. Application-related services include help with filing applications and drafting SOPs and LORs, while pre-departure services include assistance with securing a passport or visa. Firms that provide one, two or all of the above services can be found in the field of overseas education consultants. It is the student’s responsibility to choose which service they require and to select a consultant accordingly.

  • Studying abroad counseling is a business, just like any other. It costs money to keep the office running and pay the employees’ salaries. The fee, however, may differ from one specialist to the next. Some consultants who provide preparation-related services charge per session, while others charge quarterly or half-yearly rates. Some overseas education consultants do not charge any fees at all. However, one should not rush to consult with such specialists only because they are free. There may be some hidden costs that are not noticeable at first but become apparent later. They can take the shape of inflated study material prices, passport and visa service fees, loan and health insurance help, and so on.
  • One should not choose a foreign education consultant only based on the lofty claims made in their marketing. Before hiring a consultant, it’s a good idea to perform some research. If possible, contact previous clients and inquire about the company. It’s also not a good idea to put too much faith in the admissions consultant. Students need to realize that consultants are merely advisors. Admission is purely based on the student’s performance and competency. Any adviser who proposes unethical or unlawful ways to gain admission to a foreign college or university should be immediately dismissed.

  • As it involves providing advice and information on courses and academic institutions that best meet the student’s requirements, overseas education consultants necessitate a great deal of knowledge and expertise on the counselor’s side. Counselors who are not trained or experienced may need to be able to guide students effectively. As a result, it is critical to learn about the foreign education consultant’s background and experience levels before engaging in any consulting service. Good consulting businesses provide extensive information about their employees’ academic qualifications and experience.

  • Overseas education consultants must also assist you with your finances. They must recommend some scholarship opportunities. Make sure to look into the detailed background of courses and colleges. No one will deceive you if you are vigilant.

  • The overseas education consultant you hire must be open and honest throughout the process. Transparency at every point is critical, whether in the procedure or the fees they ask. You should be wary of any misleading promises made by the consultant, so look out for phrases like “application fee waivers” and “guaranteed scholarships.” You should know that your academic performance and track record are the determining factors and that such consultants should not be hired. When you think about all these things and comprehend them, it’s a good idea to evaluate each element thoroughly before making a decision. With proper judgment, you will be able to choose the abroad education consultants who will assist you with your admission, and you will be able to pursue your degree abroad without any problems. Furthermore, it would be best to investigate why some universities are exceptional and others are not. This type of research will benefit you in the long term, and you will be able to have a successful career in the future.

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