How to write a scholarship essay?

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

Co-Founder @ Ace My Prep & Study Abroad Expert


Scholarship essays are the most versatile kind of composition and are very similar to the college application essays in terms of strategy. With the help of an admissions essay, candidates can differentiate themselves from other applicants while demonstrating their writing and cognitive abilities. The word count and pertinent information vary. It could be between 100 words to two pages long. When drafting the scholarship essay, below are some helpful tips to keep in mind. 

  1. Take the time to brainstorm ideas, create an outline and edit the entry as you would any essay. Give yourself plenty of time to produce a well-thought-out entry.

  2. Every scholarship committee is looking for students who are able to meet specific criteria. Consider writing about an experience or interest that highlights the student’s strong ties to the organization’s mission. Your essay writing will show genuine passion and enthusiasm for your topic.

  3. Scholarship committees do notice grammar mistakes. Even tiny errors can distract a reader from your overall message. 

  4. Before you submit the document, make sure you take the time to proofread your essay from beginning to end. Make sure to follow all the necessary steps and be mindful of reviewing them before submitting the document. 

  5. Scholarship committees would much rather see how you overcame hardships and succeeded despite the obstacles in your path. Share something that is not elaborated elsewhere on the application. Telling your story makes an essay genuine and ultimately more memorable to the scholarship committee.

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