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Pragya Sharma ✅

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What is SAT Exam?

The SAT exam is a standardized assessment that is required for applications to undergraduate educational programs in other countries. The examination tracks the overall readiness of students along with enabling predictions of college outcomes. The SAT exam in India and other countries comprises three compulsory sections, namely Writing & Language, Math, and Reading. The optional Essay section has been discontinued starting this year. Composite SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores usually range between 400 and 1600 and is the sum of scores in sections- Reading & Writing (200-800) and Math (200-800). The overall duration to take the test is three hours.

The entrance test is administered under the aegis of the College Board and must be given by aspirants to leading undergraduate institutions. Those aspiring to study in countries like Canada and the US should appear for the SAT exam. The College Board brought SAT in 2018 after the Higher Education Alliance with several institutions. The fee for the test takers is $104 (INR 7,673 approximately).

SAT Exam Benefits 

Candidates should register for the examination since its scores are vital for getting entry to several leading colleges throughout India and even abroad. The scores are also used for providing academic scholarships. 30+ Indian universities (it is a growing number) accept SAT scores as part of college applications. A single test will open up avenues for application to several domestic universities, offering courses in fields like Journalism and Design, Business Management, Law, Engineering and Liberal Art. The SAT exam scores are also accepted at almost every university in the US and Canada along with institutions in the UK and Australia. 

SAT Examination Types and Other Details

Till last year, the College Board was conducting two types of the SAT exam, General Test and Subject Test, in the US and other international locations. However, the body has discontinued the SAT Subject Test starting this year.

What is the SAT General Test?

SAT General Test is a general examination which has been created for evaluation of verbal, written and mathematical abilities of students.

Eligibility for SAT examination- Key details

The SAT exam eligibility criteria depend on various factors. The College Board has not officially established any particular eligibility guidelines for those wishing to appear for this test. There is no maximum or minimum age limit for taking this examination. Studies have shown that students in the 17-19 age group are among the highest takers of the test. The examination can also be taken as many times as desired by the students. It is administered every year in India about five times. The examination usually takes place in March, August, May, December and October each year.  


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