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How are SAT scores calculated?

Candidates receiving the SAT score is the sum of your reading, writing and math scores. The essay section score is calculated separately. To calculate the section-wise score, the SAT Scoring Team collects the data of raw scores, i.e.) the number of correct answers in each section, and convert them to a scaled score of 200 to 800.

What is Percentile in SAT Scores?

Candidates’ percentile rank in the SAT exam scores represents the percentage of students/candidates whose SAT score is either equal or lower than their score. For instance, if a student’s SAT score is 80th percentile, 80% of the students who took the SAT exam have achieved that score range or below.

How to Check Sat Scores?

  1. Sign in to your account from the College Board site.

  2. Click on the online score report for either your essay or your multiple-choice scores.

  3. Printing your scores: Click on the Details button and click the Download Report button to print your scores (this option is available on Desktop mode only).

  4. Receiving scores by phone: You can receive SAT scores by phone post the results are declared on the respective results date. An additional fee is to be paid to avail this feature.
Most institutions in the USA require candidates to submit their SAT score reports through the College Board.
Sat Scores – Format
SAT ResultsSAT Score -DescriptionSAT Score Range
Total SAT scoreSum of the two section scores.400–1600
Section scoresEvidence-Based Writing, Reading and Math.200–800
Test scoresWriting, Reading and Language, and Math.10–40
SAT Essay scores (3)Analysis, Reading, and Writing.2–8
Cross-test scores (2)Analysis in History/Social Studies and Analysis in Science.10–40
Subscores (7)Reading, Writing and Math1–15

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