Study in Germany - Complete Overview

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

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Studying and living in a foreign country like Germany, not only benefits you from achieving a high-quality education system or learning a new language from the native students but also gives you the best life experience to remember in your life. There are many universities in Germany that provide you with free or very low fee tuition courses that are specially for the foreign students who join their university. If you want to study Medicine, Engineering, or Business, then Germany is always your first place to seek one. The main reason for youth to choose Germany over any other country is that Germany not only provides you with high-quality education but also gives you the best cultural experience. 

Why Germany

Germany is a country that fascinates students across the whole world as it attracts with its several benefits, let’s start with the quality of living, opportunities for a decent job, delightful culture, and tradition. The economy of Germany is also one of the highest in the world. The main reason for the economic growth is the labour market, which has developed and is now stable. Germany is a place of no failure if you work hard, it’s a country with faith and an outcome. 

Best Universities and location

The best locations to study and work in Germany are Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Aachen, Bonn, Dresden, Stuttgart, etc.. The top universities with great placements and excellent coursework are University of Munich, Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg, Humboldt University of Berlin, Technical University of Munich, Free University of Berlin, University of Bonn, University of Hamburg, University of Gottingen, RWTH Aachen University and many more. In order to study in Germany, the process includes certain compulsory steps: Applying to the desired university through the Uni Assist Portal or directly via the University website. Payment of the application fee. Arrangement of finances for the study and stay. Application for a student visa to Germany after receiving the acceptance letter from the university. 

Part and Full time Job opportunities and Post Study Work Rights

The news of the day is that the German economy and government are very student-friendly, with a large number of applicants pool and companies offering part-time work specifically for the willing students. 

In order to start with the post study work, checking the compatibility of the degree and the selection of the job profile becomes the first step. A permit of 18 months is provided. And for a foreign national wishing to settle down in Germany, will have to first apply for a Permanent Residence Permit. Once the possession of this permit is given, the foreign national is allowed to live and work in Germany along with the family without any questions asked on the subject. 

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