Types of scholarships for Indian students

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

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“Studying abroad is an expensive experience.” But it is the most familiar and common myth about education from abroad. While the tuition fees added to the living costs may sometimes seem “way out of budget,” there are multiple ways for aspirants to lower their overall cost of education. The answer to all the economic tensions is scholarships and financial aid. And if appropriately researched, there are infinite scholarships available for international students, no matter where they’re from.

This process of finding scholarships involves much research. One of the first steps is identifying the different types of scholarships available.

Types of scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships

These are scholarships for international students awarded to those who show exceptional academic performance. 

It is based on a student’s academic success or an overall excellent profile and does not consider financial status.

Country-specific Scholarships

Country specific scholarships are awarded to students to encourage higher studies from developing countries.

Multiple private institutions give scholarships to students from these countries.

University Scholarships

University scholarships are scholarships from universities/colleges to help students fund their studies. 

Many of these are entrance scholarships. In other words, students can apply to be considered for the award without applying. 

Government Scholarships

With these kinds of scholarships, there are different agencies involved that register with the government and offer scholarships to students.

State governments may fund scholarships for residents, particularly those attending college in their state.

Financial Scholarships

Also known as bursaries/need-based scholarships, these are forms of aid to enable students to be a part of their dream graduate schools.

If the student is still sponsored by their parents, the scholarship provider will verify the parents’ income and the ability to pay for the tuition fees. 

Private Scholarships

Scholarships are funded by individuals or individual donors or privately owned business houses.

Community organizations and many companies sponsor scholarships to study abroad. Scholarships from these organizations are called private/outside/external scholarships.

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