WES Evaluation - Your secret tool to boost your CGPA

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

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What is WES Evaluation?

The credentials evaluation by WES is a comparability of a student’s academic accomplishments in accordance with the standards in the U.S. or Canada. This evaluation assists organisations like licensing boards, employers, schools, or immigration authorities in better understanding the qualifications of the aspirant.

In short, the WES report will fulfil the following things:

  • Verifies the right credentials

  • Describe and identify applicants’ credentials

  • Includes a grade point average (GPA) equivalency

  • Have an evaluation of the originality of the documents

Steps to Apply for WES Evaluation

The following is the process to apply for WES Evaluation – 

  • Start with submitting your application and receiving a WES application number.

  • The next step is to read the document requirements and send the required documents, including the WES reference number.

  • Once the verification of credentials is done, the report is created and delivered to the recipients.
A WES report gets completed within 14-45 business days of receipt, review, and confirmation of receipt of all documents by WES and payment. 
The kinds of evaluation done by WES are:
  • Document-by-document Evaluation: This provides the U.S. equivalency of your credential. It is done for freshman university admissions, employment, and U.S. immigration.

  • Course-by-course Evaluation: This evaluation provides the U.S. equivalency of your credential and U.S. GPA. It lists your courses and grades. It is done for transfer and graduate university admission and licensing boards (except CPA).

How is WES helpful? 

A WES evaluation isn’t just useful for Graduate or Ph.D. admissions; anyone seeking to find a job in the USA or Canada may also be asked to get their WES score evaluated and standardised. Some companies ask your degree scores to be normalised before offering you a job too. An accurate and precise validation of a candidate’s marks/percentage and degree can be rightly calculated only through a proper evaluation. They can analyse and compare the given degree of a certain university to that of the U.S or Canadian education system so that your hard work is duly recognized, along with prior education and experience.

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