What are the chances of receiving a scholarship?

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

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Factors involved in getting a scholarship :

  • Which country are you choosing?

  • Which university are you going to?

  • What are your academics and skills?

  • What are your extracurricular interests?

  • What is your financial condition?

  • What are the government-supported schemes that boost the scholarships you are eligible for?
Step-by-step guide
To ensure that you receive and you are aware of all the different types of scholarships available out there, you can use the below-mentioned steps :
  • Research and make a list of international scholarships you could be eligible for.

  • Make a checklist for each scholarship.

  • Gather the necessary documentation like transcripts, LORs, essays, etc.

  • Review and get reviewed for feedback on your application.

  • Apply by submitting your application well ahead of the deadline.

Things to keep in mind  

Keep your scholarship applications open

When faced with studying abroad, most students focus intensively on applying for scholarships with Tier 1 universities. The only disadvantage is that the selection process is rigorous and stringent for these scholarships. This becomes even more difficult due to the high volume of applications.

To significantly increase the chance of getting through, one needs to apply for every scholarship they are eligible for. 

Apply early

The university admissions and scholarship application deadlines sometimes vary and sometimes match. One can increase their chances of receiving a scholarship by planning well in advance and using it on time. Since the demand for scholarships is continually rising, it’s never too early to start the process. 

Submit an error-free application

When filling out applications, it’s a good idea to double-check the entries you’ve made in the forms. The errors get the application rejected faster than anything.  

Perform well in tests and academics

Academic performance is a significant factor determining the chances of studying abroad. An exceptional score on tests such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, DTE can put the aspirant on the top of the priority list .  

Leadership abilities

Universities abroad value a student’s leadership skills and ability to voluntarily render service to the community.  

Write a neat scholarship essay

Nearly every scholarship application requires students to write an essay justifying why they deserve a scholarship. A good scholarship essay tends to sway the university towards your application.

Letters of recommendation

Universities abroad take recommendation letters seriously. The letters hold great value if they come from professionals or professors. So, it’s best to approach someone who you consider, your mentor and ask for a letter to include in the scholarship application.

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