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Pragya Sharma ✅

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Duolingo – the language learning website – is a relatively new entrant in the realm of English proficiency examination hosts. The Duolingo English Test analyzes a non-native speaker’s English proficiency and skills. The test has been gaining prominence in foreign education due to its relevance. And students’ Duolingo English Test scores are becoming an essential component of their university application.

In this article, we have acknowledged all the various aspects of Duolingo English Test results so that, as an international student, you can be more informed before you attempt the test.

Duolingo English Test’s Scoring Methodology 

Duolingo English Test results are based on an adaptive testing pattern to evaluate a student’s proficiency accurately. In an adaptive test, the questions are presented to the student depending on their answers to the former questions. Whenever a student correctly answers a question, the subsequent questions become difficult. If a question is answered incorrectly, the next question presented is more straightforward until the student gets the answer right, and this process continues until the end of the test.

Adaptive tests are considered to be more precise and fairer as they are customized based on the student’s proficiency and give better insights into a student’s language ability. Additionally, the computerized adaptive testing also helps to comprehensively evaluate the English language skills within the Duolingo English Test’s short test duration of 60-minutes.

Duolingo English Test Score Range 

Duolingo English test results have a complex and unique scoring system that analyses the test-taker’s proficiency in a combination of different components. The Duolingo score is aligned with the international ,language proficiency standard, the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

The overall Duolingo English test scores for the test are reported on a scale of 10 to 160, with scores ranging in multiples of 5. The Duolingo score ranges give a general description of an individual’s scope of understanding of the language.

How to Access Duolingo Test Score? 

The Duolingo results are shared on the same email ID provided during Duolingo English Test registration. You can also check your Duolingo English test results on their official website. If you have taken the test multiple times, you can access your test history to see how your Duolingo results compare to the former attempts.

What Is a Good Duolingo English Test Score?  

Duolingo test score is one of the factors that would help decide your 

acceptance into a college or university abroad. But there is no defined standard for a bad or good Duolingo English Test score.

International universities define their acceptable Duolingo English test scores and percentile as part of their admission criteria. Thus, your target Duolingo test score should depend upon the university and discipline you want to apply to.

The Duolingo English Test score range is categorized into four sections that depict the proficiency level of a test-taker. The score sections are as follows-
  • Basic: A Duolingo test score between 10-55 indicates a basic understanding of English words and phrases and demonstrates an ability to express oneself in a familiar context. Scorers in this range can understand specific information.

  • Intermediate: A Duolingo score between 60-85 is classified as an intermediate English speaker. Students within this range can accomplish routine matters of work and school and express themselves with some hesitation.

  • Upper-Intermediate: A Duolingo test score between 90-115 means the applicant is an upper-intermediate student who can converse on unfamiliar topics, understand ideas behind both concrete and abstract writing, and interact with proficient speakers with ease.

  • Advanced: A Duolingo score between 125-160 indicates an advanced applicant whose command over the language allows them to understand demanding written and spoken language. Students within this range can grasp language intricacies seamlessly and use it flexibly in various social, academic, and professional settings.

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