Study in Europe - Complete Overview

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

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Europe is a continent containing many ancient nations and modern states. At the same time, it is made up of different landforms, each covering a specific area. Europe has one of the most popular countries to become academically proficient among international students. The quality of education is exceptionally great and there is a guarantee of a lit career. The best part of the study abroad experience in Europe is that one does not need to spend a lot of time and money to grab  the best opportunities out there. The international exposure

Why Europe?

Numerous facts make you opt for Europe, starting with low tuition fees, a healthy lifestyle & environment, and experiencing cultural diversity. The universities of Europe bring you the opportunity of learning new languages. You can also find suitable jobs for yourself with a degree from Europe Institute. Also as a student, you can travel to any Schengen area without a visa, including airlines with much less fare for travelling inside Europe. Not only students from India choose Europe to be their place but also people from various parts of the world come here for education which helps to build an international network and helps build your understanding as you meet people of all kinds. 

Best Universities and Locations

The best universities to study in Europe are University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University College London, The University of Edinburgh, Imperial College of London, ETH Zurich, King’s College London, University of Amsterdam, IE Spain and many others. While the best locations to live in Europe are Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Swiss Alps and Prague. 

Job opportunities and Post Study Work Rights

The top 5 countries to choose for best opportunities are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Malta. The most popular and in demand jobs are engineers, social workers, lawyers, psychologists, chemists, biologists, doctors, dentists, project managers, etc.. The post study work rights are different for different countries. The most popular country of them all, United Kingdom, has a post study work right of 2 years and the students in Ireland get one year of stay after their study process.

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