How much gap is acceptable?

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

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The foreign education system is rigorous when it comes to studying gaps. Study gaps are acceptable abroad, but certain conditions are involved in this process. In ideal situations, a one year gap is acceptable, but if it exceeds a year, the study gap needs to be extensively justified with evidence. A very long study gap is usually only justified if the institution feels that the gap has infused a certain level of valuable addition to the university. The foreign education system appreciates vocation and real-world experiences and considers students who have made use of their study gap to themselves. 

Reasons for a gap year

  1. Financial problems – This is an inescapable situation and needs to be set on before the admission process begins.

  2. Family issues – This is where we are all stuck sometimes especially when it comes to career decisions. Family issues can be the health conditions of family members or the general household ethos being unpleasant etc.

  3. Jobs and Internships – Pursuing a job or an internship add stars to the entire admission process. Many students opt for a job experience of 1 year to increase their chances of admission as it sets them apart from the rest of the applicants. 

Sometimes students are enrolled in some short-term certification courses which allow them to improve their skill set in a short time period.

Other activities like voluntary work or hobbies like art and music – Voluntary work or social work is an excellent reason to take a gap year. Hobbies and other extracurricular activities can help a lot in personality development which plays a big part in creating a good impression.

How to cover the gap for the Study Visa?

Usually, students need to provide evidence along with a descriptive justification for the gap year taken. The following section will provide you with information on how to cover the gap for the study visa. 

  • If an applicant is suffering from some medical condition, then he or she must provide medical proof through the submission of medical certificates and doctor’s reports.

  • Those who were involved in jobs or internships must provide experience certificates or a letter from the employer that states that they have been an employee within the study gap time frame.

  • Participation evidence must be provided in the case of voluntary or social work. Proper evidence needs to be delivered to validate the hobbies. Hobbies should show an inevitable development in the student’s skill or personality. 

  • If an applicant was involved with part-time courses or certificate courses, those certificates need to be provided. 

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