Why you should stay away from "Free Study Abroad Consultants"

Pragya Sharma ✅

Pragya Sharma ✅

Co-Founder @ Ace My Prep & Study Abroad Expert


It is one of the most challenging decisions to study abroad. Further, it is even more confusing to choose the correct country and university where you should apply and pursue higher studies. In order to select the proper college and country that suits your goals and profile is daunting. Your friends and family members may help you with it, but they might need help to further assist you with the complete application process as they might need more expertise. Maybe any of your relatives studying overseas or your college senior can help you, but you may still need professional guidance! 

While studying abroad, it is always discerning to go for a reputed professional agency with immense experience. They will provide you with proper guidance. This can be a life-changing decision for you, so choosing a consulting agency that is not only established but also has a preceding track record and a positive image is always advisable. This decision is going to have a significant impact on your career.

While you will have tonnes of study abroad consultants near you, let’s understand who an ideal fit to help you is.

This article will discuss why you should avoid Free Overseas Education Consultants to make a prudent decision when selecting an overseas education consultant – 

  • Majorly top-ranked universities are missing when you reach out to free consultants – lets understand this deeply!

  • Since “free consultants” are not charging you anything, they are majorly dependency on university commissions that reach the once you fly abroad
  • What majorly their product is not the service, but the list of schools they run partnerships with

  • Most people might even create a bias that hurts your career since they tend to incline towards low-ranked schools that mostly adorn them with good commisions

  • This way, unknowingly, students are pitched facts, data that is not only false but might not even exist for example good locations, placements etc

  • Since the range of products just extended to names o schools they have on their list, you might actually be comparing the lower 30 % schools and you might actually deserve to get into top 30%

  • Students only have the option to apply to relatively average or, at times, average universities. This is because the free consultants generally partner with the average universities to fill in their seats.

  • Free consultants offer a limited number of universities, so students only apply to a targeted set of universities. Again building up on the first point, there is a massive misdirection.

  • University shortlisting based on the profile may not be very accurate or apt.

  • They provide admission to only those universities with a tie-up or agreement and offer a paid program, and help students from the beginning to the end until they get a visa and reach university. Once a student starts the program, the consultant earns a high commission from the university.

Now, this process is evidently going to change your life! 

It’s a prime requisite that you select a consultant who is ready to levy unbiased information and help yo strategize your admission, where you deserve to go.

At Ace My Prep, we aspire to be your guide for the entire journey from when its a small idea to the day you board your flight, at all points, upholding moral values, and giving professional and transparent service with proven results.

With a 12-step process that you can see happening, its us just navigating you through and actually you making all decisions with the best knowledge available.

Now that you understand, we are sure, you will stay away from lucrative like “FREE” and focus on getting what you deserve.

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