Transcripts - An Overview

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Pragya Sharma ✅

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A transcript is a record of a student’s academic achievements. It contains a detailed list of all the subjects you’ve studied, as well as the grades you earned from your educational institution in the form of points or grades. Transcripts are usually referred to as mark sheets or report cards in India.

Below is a list of documents referred to as Academic Transcripts or other names for Transcripts:

  • Mark Sheet
  • Mark List
  • Academic Certificates
  • Report Card
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Statement of Learning
  • Record of Achievement
  • Academic Record
  • Cumulative Record File (CRF)
  • Permanent Record
  • Transcript of Records (ToR)
A transcript must include a comprehensive list or table of all yearly modules/subjects as well as practical work that we studied and accomplished during our studies. Depending on the rating system used by your institution, it includes our grades or points, or in some cases, the subject-by-subject credit value.
In education, a transcript can be described as a certified record or inventory of a student which he or she gets. The transcript contains the full academic enrollment history of the student. It contains the list of all the courses or subjects taken, the marks or grades achieved, and awards and degrees bestowed.

Types of Transcript

There are three types of transcripts. They are as follows:

  1. Initial
  2. Mid-year
  3. Final

Most of the Transcripts contain:

  • A comprehensive list of all courses taken
  • Acknowledgments earned for each course taken
  • The grade received in each subject
  • The Cumulative GPA
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Awards and Honors

Many of the above may not be there in your transcript or you also might have more than there is in this list. This is because it completely depends on your institution and the structure they tend to follow. Some of the transcripts are very detailed or some are just to the point. 

Importance of Transcript

Transcripts have a lot of importance for academicians. It is not just a report card or a list of grades but also an extremely important document. This official academic record will be required if you want to opt for a transfer from one high school to another. This record will help you determine which course or stream is the most suitable one based on your academic history.

To get a copy of your transcript from your school, all you have to do is to request or submit a written application requesting the same from the school’s main office, school’s administration office, or the counseling office. Whereas if it is for your own purpose, like applying for a summer school or a special class then you will just necessitate an unofficial copy. You can print the same and use it thereafter.


Many people who are actively pursuing certification or waiting for results may not have access to their most recent transcript. They will receive it after they have completed their respective courses and the annual exam results have been published by the board of conduct. Applicants in their final year of high school who are planning to pursue higher education abroad will need to provide additional documentation. They should apply an interim/provisional transcript from their place of study, along with a comprehensive map of their scores or grades so far.

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